Coronavirus & Our Community


Given the current situation with COVID-19 and the close-contact nature of our partner dances, we’ve made the decision to cancel our monthly social, Reading Swing Jam, on Saturday 14th March.

We have taken this decision in order to help limit risk of infection amongst our dancing and local community but also to safe guard vulnerable folks in the wider community and limit our impact on our beloved National Health Service.

We will reassess the situation for our April social nearer the time, so please keep an eye on our website and social media for updates regarding any changes there.


SOLO JAZZ & Charleston

Solo Jazz will be continuing as normal for the time being. Once our current routine course finishes after Monday 16th March, classes will be taught individually (as opposed to in courses of multiple classes) much like our usual Summer Jazz A-Z classes with a mixture of repertoire, mini-choreography and improvisation classes. We will continue to monitor the situation and act accordingly, so please make sure you check our RSJ Solo Jazz & Charleston class facebook group for notifications and updates.


Our Wednesday Lindy Hop classes will be continuing for the time being as there are only two more classes left in the Spring Term before we break over the Easter holidays. That said we will be monitoring the situation closely for developments and will follow any guidance received from Reading University Swing Dance Society, the University of Reading or Reading University Students’ Union. Please keep an eye on the RUSDS facebook group for class updates.

General Precautions

We sincerely hope that there will be minimal impact to our classes and events but in order for this to be the case we need your help! Please help us limit the risk of infection among our dance community and beyond by following these guidelines:

  • If you are at all ill (particularly if you have a cough or a high temperature) or have been in contact with someone who has been ill please refrain from attending classes and socials and consider self-isolating for the recommended 7 days minimum.
  • If you have been travelling recently (particularly to a high-risk location) please refrain from attending classes and socials and self-isolate for the recommended 7 days minimum.
  • Please wash your hands thoroughly before and after classes with soap and water ideally or hand sanitiser with 60%+ alcohol content if the former is not available.
  • Please keep tissues on hand at all times. At classes/events where possible cough or sneeze into a tissue and not into your hand or elbow as these are common contact points in dance. If you do use your hand or elbow to cover a cough/sneeze please wash your hand/elbow before resuming dancing.
  • Please visit the NHS website for more information about Coronavirus.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation during this period.