Blues Dancing

*Note: Our weekly Blues classes are taking a break for the time-being. *
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Blues dancing was born out of African rhythm and movement during colonial America. Like swing dancing, it is a social dance that is created on the fly, improvised by the relationship between the lead, the follow and the music. Often characterised by it’s closed or close hold, Blues is a dance of grounded movement and danced to blues music of varying tempos. When informed by other dances such as swing and tango or danced to non-blues music such as electronica it is often termed Blues Fusion or Alt Blues.

LEVEL 2 CLASS  starts at 7:30pm // £7
This class is for students who’ve attended at least two beginners courses as class content will assume good knowledge of the fundamentals covered in Level 1. Attendees for this class can stay on for the Level 1 class and social at no extra cost. Please arrive a little before to get your name tag, grab a drink and settle in so that we can start on time.

LEVEL 1 CLASS  starts at 8:30pm // £5
Absolute beginners welcome! No partner needed, we’ll rotate partners in class. Level 1 classes are taught in 6 week courses. Please arrive a little before to get your name tag, grab a drink and settle in so that we can start promptly and make the most of the time.

SOCIAL DANCING/PRACTICE until 9:30pm, free entry.
An excellent opportunity to practice what you learnt in class, ask us any questions and socialise together! 

What to bring?
Comfortable shoes and clothes for dancing . PLEASE: No high or sharp heals.
Fan or towel
Change of shirt/top
Notebook and pen – useful for keeping track of what you’ve learnt and points for future practice.

DISCOUNTS & OFFERS: Don’t forget your Class Card to get your 6th class half price and your 12th for free. Current students, you can get your evening 1/2 price if you introduce someone new to class!