Lindy Hop

Lindy Hop Classes with Reading University Swing Dance Society (RUSDS)

Wednesday Evenings at Wessex Hall, on Whiteknights Campus (class schedule below)
* Note: Classes restart on Wednesday 16th January 2019. *

RUSDS hosts fun and informal swing dance classes taught by Reading Swing Jam at the Whiteknights Campus of the University of Reading. Join us to learn partner dances from the 1920’s-50’s: RUSDS classes are open to both students and non-students alike! Read on below for our class schedule and class descriptions.

What is Lindy Hop? Check out this cute introduction!
New and unsure? Take a look at our Beginner’s Guide to our Lindy Hop classes for more detail about what to expect from our classes.

7.00pm – LEVEL 2 Follower Focus

This mini-class is for any Level 2 dancer who wants to work on their following skills. It’ll include a mixture of rhythm and footwork drills and variations as well as styling options and personal expression. Over the course of the year the class may also look at improving movement quality and turning skills, creativity exercises and self-practice development.

7.45pm – LEVEL 2

Level 2 students should be comfortable dancing both 8-count and 6-count and Lindy Charleston footwork patterns. Join our Level 2  Class if you’ve attended our Level 1 Class regularly for at least a year already. If you’re joining us for the first time with some knowledge of Lindy Hop please chat to the teachers before class.

8.45pm – LEVEL 1

No dance experience of any kind necessary. Join us to gain a solid introduction to partnered Swing dancing. No prior knowledge will be assumed at the start of term when steps will be taught from scratch.

9.40pm – Social/Practice

After announcements from the Reading University Swing Dance Society committee, we social dance! The perfect opportunity to practice what you’ve learn in class, ask your teachers any questions and get to know each other. We *highly recommend* staying for this portion of the evening because it’s on the dance floor where most of your learning will happen and practice is the only way to improve!

What to bring?
Comfortable shoes and clothes suitable for dancing and active movement (please avoid wearing high heels or shoes that slip off easily, laces and ankle straps encouraged)
Bottle of water
Fan, handkerchief or towel
Change of shirt/top
Deodorant and breath mints
Notebook and pen

PLEASE NOTE: No partner necessary! Partners are rotated regularly throughout the class.  These classes run weekly on Wednesday evenings during term-time only.  Please visit the RUSDS webpage or Facebook Group for full details about classes, prices, venues and how to contact the group.