Solo Jazz & Charleston

Solo Jazz & Charleston

Mondays from 7.15pm at the Rising Sun Arts Centre
30 Silver Street, Reading, RG1 2ST | £5 per class

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Throughout the year we work explore classic jazz strolls such as the Shim Sham and Tranky Doo, as well as original choreographies and more! These fun and informal weekly classes are great for both complete newbies to vintage dancing and those already learning partnered swing dances such as the Lindy Hop. By coming to these classes you’ll develop your step and variation repertoire, improve your dance and rhythm technique as well as improvisation and creative skills. You’ll also have a chance to join in and perform what you learn when strolls are played at Reading Swing Jam!

We often teach our classes in short courses or blocks of 2-6 weeks in length. Joining our facebook group is the best way to receive notifications about class news and it’s where we’ll provide more detailed information about what we’re teaching each week and when’s the best time to join the group.

What to bring?
Comfortable shoes and clothes for dancing and active movement (wear heels and shoes that slip off easily at your own peril)
Bottle of water
Fan or towel
Change of shirt/top
Notebook – highly recommended!

Don’t forget your Class Card to get your 6th class half price and your 12th for free!

Coming Up at Solo Jazz!

The Shim Sham

Starting Monday 4 November

Possibly *the most* performed stroll in the modern swing dance community, the Shim Sham is a *must-know* solo jazz choreography. The Shim Sham has it’s roots in tap and it’s origins on the 1920’s stage.  Originally attributed to Leonard Reed and Willie Bryant but made famous by Lindy Hop legend Frankie Manning, the Shim Sham is now performed at social dances and events all over the world! Check out Frankie Manning leading the Shim Sham at Lindy Fest 2007.

All welcome – no experience necessary for Week 1! We’ll be working on the Shim Sham over two weeks. Where’s what you can expect each week:

Getting a handle on the trickier steps and transitions!
Finishing Touches
Putting it together and finishing off the choreo!

The Al & Leon Shim Sham

Starting Monday 18 November

Next we’ll be taking a look at an alternative version created by Al Minns and Leon James. Sometimes called The Savoy Shim Sham, this routine starts off feeling like deja vu before striking out on a complete tangent. It’s a great one for rhythm variations and step combos that you can slip into your basic Shim Sham too for added flash! Check out Al & Leon performing their Shim Sham.

All welcome! Knowledge of the vanilla Shim Sham will be a small advantage but not necessary as we’ll be teaching it from scratch over three weeks so no experience necessary. We’ll be working on this one for three weeks as follows:

The Routine
Getting a started from the top!
The Routine
Working our way through the choreo!
The Routine
Working our way through the choreo!
Practice & Polish
Revisiting any tricky bits then practice, practice, practice!