Just as dancing with different partners is important for a swing dancers’ development so is learning from different teachers. They bring with them a wealth of new content, perspectives, style and ideas that help layer and enrich your dancing.

Similarly, our workshops aren’t always about partnered lindy hop either. We hope to also broaden your swing dancing experience with other dance styles, like Charleston, Collegiate  Shag, Balboa and Blues, and push your boundaries as individual dancers with solo workshops too.

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– Lindy Hop with Gemma & Dan Guest – SOLD OUT


We’re excited to announce our first workshop for 2019 with Gemma and Dan Guest from London!


Together, Gemma and Dan focus on the techniques and body mechanics that make dancing feel natural and effortless at all tempos. Being perfectionists, they emphasise lead and follow technique together with developing good basics. They have a relaxed and light-hearted teaching style and have a knack for simplifying and explaining complex ideas. Their teaching is based on recognised learning methodologies for the acquisition of motor skills. They explain how to put energy and life into all aspects of the dance and how to vary the dynamics to really make it swing!

Dan started swing dancing in 1994 and is a former UK Lindy Hop Champion. He is a respected dance historian and a renowned instructor, having taught at many prestigious swing dance events throughout the world, such as Herrang. Dan was instrumental in the revival of Balboa, having learned from many of the original “old timer” Balboa dancers. He is widely credited with bringing Balboa to the UK and helping to popularise swing dance both here and more widely in Europe.

Gemma has been swing dancing since 2001. She was a founding member and president of the Cambridge Lindy Hoppers swing dance society, and has been involved in running many events including the first Cambridge Lindy Exchange. She taught regular classes in Cambridge and was a choreographer and performer in the society’s dance troupe. Since 2008, Gemma has been teaching with Dan at their weekly class nights as well as at swing dance events across the UK and Europe. She also performed with Jenny Thomas’ all-girl dance troupe Sophisticated Ladies.


Class 1: Smooth Power

Refinement of lead/follow technique to enhance fluidity and subtlety, as well as achieving power and acceleration with an easy and relaxed

Class 2: Super Swingy Swingouts

Apply the principles from Class 1 to make your swingout really whizzy, with the subtlety to lead different timings and variations.

Class 3: Get Creative!

Ideas for how to build “moves” from core techniques, and link them
together in sophisticated ways to create something flashy!


* This workshop is now sold out. *

Workshop is £25 per person and includes cake and refreshments + free entry to our Reading Swing Jam social in the evening! For notifications on updates please join our Facebook event.


This workshop will be held at Watlington House Community Hall (accessed via South Street), the home of Reading Swing Jam.
Address: 44 Watlington Street, RG1 4 Reading, England


This workshop will be are suitable for Improver dancers to those Intermediate/Advanced. There’ll be something for everyone and a new perspective on the dance is always worth investing in!


1:30pm – 1:50pm   Event Registration
1:50pm – 2:00pm    Welcome & Teacher Introductions
2:00pm – 3:00pm   1st Class
3:00pm – 3:15pm   1st Break
3:15pm – 4:15pm   2nd Class
4:15pm – 4:30pm   2nd Break
4:30pm – 5:30pm   3rd Class

8:00pm – 12:00am   Reading Swing Jam Social


Reading Swing Jam is our monthly social dance at the Community Hall at Watlington House (accessed via South Street), where we play DJed swing music and dance the night away. It’s a great place to practice, hang out, meet new people from near and afar as well as discover inspiration and new moves! If you come to this workshop you entry to the social is FREE! Visit our webpage for full details.

Check out our handy beginner’s guide to socials for more info on what to expect!