Just as dancing with different partners is important for a swing dancers’ development so is learning from different teachers. They bring with them a wealth of new content, perspectives, style and ideas that help layer and enrich your dancing.

Similarly, our workshops aren’t always about partnered lindy hop either. We hope to also broaden your swing dancing experience with other dance styles, like Charleston, Collegiate  Shag, Balboa and Blues, and push your boundaries as individual dancers with solo workshops too.

Coming Up Next!

– Blues Mini-Workshop with Anders! –


We’re delighted to be hosting this miniworkshop at the end of the November with the very talented Anders, visiting us from Oxford! Anders is a familiar face on the European blues scene as a musician, dj, teacher and dancer. His classes focus on the creative, social, and musical aspects of blues dancing.

This particular workshop will focus on movement and fluidity; blues vocabulary; and spontaneity and communication with a partner or partners. In other words we will build from the basics of movement and blues aesthetic to playful exchanges with partners.


The classes are suitable for a broad range of levels from those wanting to work on basic movement technique, to more experienced dancers wanting to explore creative approaches to dance partnership.


7PM – 8:30PM // WORKSHOP
8:30PM – 9PM // SOCIAL

Instead of our usual two level classes, we’ll be having one mixed ability 1.5hour workshop and 30mins social before heading upstairs to enjoy the Ding Dong Daddios gig. Join the facebook event for updates and notifications.


£7 per person including class and social. (Note: Class cards not applicable).
No need to book, just turn up!


This workshop will be held at downstairs at the Purple Turtle.
Address: 9 Gun Street, Reading, Berkshire, RG1 2JR4