New Year New Term!

Happy New Year everyone! We sincerely hope 2022 brings light and joy to you all. This month we’re restarting our lindy hop classes with Reading University Swing Dance Society as follows:

Starting: Wednesday 12 January

7:30pm // Level 2 – Improvers & Returners

All those who were with us last term as welcome to level up to our improver class where we’ll be continuing to develop upon the foundations we established last year. Returning dancers are also welcome to refresh their memories in this class.

Starting: Wednesday 26 January

8:30pm // Level 1 – Absolute Beginners

Our Level 1 class will be restarting from scratch again, so if you’re an absolute beginner or perhaps a returning student wishing to try out develop your non-dominant role join us! All welcome, no previous experience required.

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