We’ve Moved!

Reading Swing Jam (RSJ) has officially moved into it’s new homes!
Homes? Plural?
Yup yup!

New Venue

Last month we hosted a house warming for Swing Jam’s new ‘home’, Watlington House. A massive thank you to everyone who came along to support us and road test the new venue. It was a hugely successful evening and we can’t wait until the next one! [Saturday 12th April, if you haven’t already popped it in your diary *hint hint wink*.]

New Website

Today, we’d like to welcome you to our new virtual home. We hope this website will become a comprehensive one-stop resource for information about RSJ, our hopes, dreams and aspirations as well as the when’s and wheres of our upcoming Jams, special guest workshops and much more! Please bear with us, we’re still unpacking and finding our way around; if you find any glaring errors please drop us an email [readingswingjam@gmail.com] so we can tidy things up as we go.

New Mailing List

With our new e-newsletter you’ll never miss a Jam and get details of workshops straight to your inbox. If you’d like to be included on our mailing list fill in the form below.

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